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8 Photography Trends to Watch In 2018

Photography has kept on advancing over the years with exciting changes. D. Scott Carruthers, an expert in photography, has been researching on the photography patterns expected in 2018. Changes in photography will ensure growth in

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5 Essential Smartphone Photography Tips

Are some of the photos that you take with your smartphone less than perfect? If they are, you should know that learning some smartphone photography tips which will help you to capture better pictures with

Gaming Laptop
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Important Things to Know When Buying a Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are not like ordinary laptop computers. They are a different kind of beast whose purpose is to bring the virtual digital world to your space. Engaging games are demanding, the virtuosity and ability

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Top 10 WordPress Optimization Tips and Tricks

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS worldwide. No doubt, the number of resources for building a website with it is skyrocketing. Thousands of hi-res images are at your disposal. More than 47,000 plugins are

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5 Steps To Take When Hacked By Ransomware

In the past few years, ransomware attacks have significantly increased in frequency, targeting almost every industry that utilizes a computer-based infrastructure. Universities, Fortune 500 companies, and even hospitals have been victims of this insidious malware.

Business WordPress Theme
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Creating a Business Website for Rookies: What to Begin With

If you run a business, sooner or later you arrive to the point when having your corporal website is a must. At present, there is no need to seek professional help to get your website

Cloud Computing
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5 Important Questions to Answer Before Moving Your Business to The Cloud

Cloud computing offers numerous advantages to business users, the most notable one being the ability to access data on any device with an Internet connection. It allows any kind of data to be stored remotely

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Learn How PoE Can Simplify Your WiFi/IP Camera Installation

These days we are all so used to the convenience of WiFi and the wonderful lack of cabling that the humble ethernet cable is all but forgotten in the typical home. Faced with the prospect

Fly Drone
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How to Fly a Drone Like a Pro

Having a drone is one thing, but knowing how to fly one like a professional, is totally a different experience! Flying a drone is not as easy as many people make it seem. There is