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Adobe AIR + WordPress = AirPress

AirPress is a desktop blogging client created by Romain Referrer and Jean-Francois Comeau and is based on Adobe AIR or Adobe Integrated Runtime. It’s kinda like Windows Live Writer but with lesser features. With AirPress,

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Windows XP Hidden Password Generator

In my post entitled How Secure Is Your Password, I promised you guys that I would show you how to make use of the hidden password generator in Windows XP. This is a built-in feature

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HowTo: Remove/Restore Language Bar

One of the most annoying features in Windows XP is the Language bar. You usually see it after you do a fresh install on a computer. It’s annoying because most users don’t use it or

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First iPod Virus Discovered

Kapersky Labs reportedly has discovered the first ever virus designed to infect the most popular portable media player today, the iPod. However, the virus dubbed Podloso is only a proof of concept program and does

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Free Video Editing Software for Linux

I’ve already featured free video editing software for Windows and Mac. I can’t leave out Linux, so here’s a list of free non-linear video editing software for all you Linux users out there. Avidemux Avidemux

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If Operating Systems Ran The Airlines…

Found this funny article while surfing the web. It tells about what happens if the different commercial airlines were run by different operating systems. Some of you must have heard or read this before but

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Internet Software

MS Paint Masterpiece

I’m sure most of you guys, (including myself) have tried and used MS Paint in some point in time. I remember it to be one of the best tools to kill time during computer lab

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Norton Antivirus – Error LU9001

Nowadays, it is essential that you have a reliable antivirus and antispam software installed in your pc. For my laptop, I have the free versions of AVG and ZoneAlarm. But for my desktop, I have

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HowTo: Fast Boot Windows

This tip is for people running Windows XP on their machines with multiple user accounts or for people just like me who have only one account but uses passwords to login into their machine. This


10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

The 10/20/30 Rule of Powerpoint is a simple rule on how to create effective slideshows using the right amount of slides, the right length, and the right font size. This is something that I’m sure