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Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion

So the biggest news yesterday and probably for the next couple of days was how Facebook buys Instagram for a whopping $1 Billion. This by far is the most expensive acquisition Facebook has ever made

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Zurker – Social Network You Can Own

About two weeks ago, my friend Nick Oba invited me to check out his new startup, a social networking site called Zurker. It works like any regular social network where users can post status updates

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What is Google+ and Do You Need It? [Video]

By now many if not most of your are already using Google+ or have heard about it some way or another. In case you haven’t because you went away on a trip to a remote

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Facebook vs Google+ [Infographic]

By now most of you are either on or have heard about the newest social network – Google+. I got into Google+ a couple of days after it was launched thanks to an unsolicited invite

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Life Of A Facebook Photo [Infographic]

With more than 500 million users spending over 700 billion minutes per month, Facebook is the top dog in terms of Internet traffic. Facebook users share about 30 billion pieces of content each month which

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Google +1 Now Available

Have you heard about Google +1? Google first revealed this new feature – recommendations for search results last March. Plus One or +1 is kinda like Google’s own version of the Facebook Like button but

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Life Without Twitter [Infographic]

Are you an avid Twitter user? Do you spend countless hours on it each day? Or maybe find yourself frequently taking out your mobile device to tweet or check other people’s tweets? Whether you use

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Exclusive Video of Osama Dead [Facebook SCAM]

The recent death of Al Qaeda leader – Osama Bin Laden has been the hottest topic across the globe, including the Internet the past couple of days. You see it on TV, newspapers and it’s

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Delicious Acquired by YouTube Founders

Found out earlier today via email that popular social bookmarking service Delicious was recently acquired by the founders YouTube – Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. This is great news not only for current Delicious users

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Yahoo! Buzz Shutting Down on April 21st

It’s official, Yahoo! will be shutting down Yahoo! Buzz, their community-based news article website (similar to Digg) on April 21st. This comes less than a month after they discontinued their social network for bloggers –