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The Twitter Song

I guess everything that becomes popular will sooner or later have it’s own song, right? Take for example WordPress that eventually had its own unofficial song entitled “It’s Called WordPress”. Recently, a musician named Ben

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Digsby = IM + Email + Social Networks

Do you use IM (instant messaging) to communicate with clients, friends or family? I do and I have a lot of contacts scattered across different protocols like Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Google Talk. Having to

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Facebook Adds Twitter-like Options

Are you guys familiar with Facebook? It’s one of the most popular social networks here in the US and has the most number of members among college focused sites with an estimated 19 million members.

MyBlogLog Hack
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MyBlogLog Hack?

I’m sure most of you guys who come and visit my blog know about MyBlogLog or what it is. Most of you are even in it, right? But have you heard of a MyBlogLog hack?

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Malicious Friendster Javascript

Last night, as I was logged in to my Friendster account, I viewed my cousin’s profile after accepting his request to add him as a friend. As soon as his profile loaded, a small dialog

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Myspace Girl is a Cop

Almost everybody on the web knows about Myspace. It’s a cool site to meet friends, old and new. However, sites like these are also a haven for online sex predators. October last year, Taylor Behl’s

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Myspace Profile Facelift

Thanks to Derek who shared his Div Overlay code, my profile had it’s long overdue facelift. When I first opened my account over at Myspace, I was quite addicted to making my profile cool and