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Age of Empires Online Now Available

I love real-time strategy computer games, especially the history-based ones. I’ve owned and played different versions of Civilization, Total War and Age of Empires. Two days ago, August 16th, Microsoft Studios released the much anticipated

state of the internet 2011

State of the Internet 2011 [Infographic]

A couple years back, I blogged about a video I came across entitled The State of the Internet created by Jesse Thomas of which shows different Internet statistics like the number of emails sent

gmail preview pane

Gmail Preview Pane

The Gmail team is constantly working on making improvements and adding new features to the service. Earlier today, they announced a new feature in Gmail Labs called Preview Pane which enables the user to quickly

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The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords [Infographic]

Do you know where Google is making all it’s money? Advertising. Of the total revenue of $33.3 Billion earned between Q3 2010 – Q2 2011, 97% or $32.2 Billion comes from advertising revenue which basically

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Google Docs Viewer ZIP and RAR Support

Last week, Google added ZIP and RAR support to the current list of fifteen supported file types. With ZIP and RAR support, you no longer have to download these types of attachments just to access

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How Do You Like the New Gmail Interface?

Late last month, Google gave Gmail users a preview of the new Gmail user interface. The interface redesign is part of a series of updates for the purpose of making Gmail better – look clean,

fios speedtest

Internet Upgrade

Was finally able to finalize the transaction to upgrade to Verizon FIOS and sign up for the Triple Play bundle (Internet, cable TV and telephone service) last week. The Verizon technician came over last Monday

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HowTo: Block/Disable/Bypass Online Surveys

Received an email from an anonymous reader asking help on how to block, disable or bypass CPALead surveys and other online surveys. For those who are not familiar with CPALead or online surveys, these are