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Free 25 Google Profile Business Cards

Found out earlier from my friend AJ that iPrint is giving away 25 Google profile business cards for free. Tell your friends and coworkers how

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GoDaddy Coupon Codes

UPDATED REGULARLY. Last updated (09/23/2013) My blog’s domain name is registered with GoDaddy and last week, I received a notification that the domain name

muziic player
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Muziic – YouTube Media Player

Three weeks ago, 15-year-old David Nelson together with his dad Mark released a music service called Muziic. This music service slash media player uses YouTube’s

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Google Adsense New Login Page & Expandable Ads

It seems like Ping-O-Matic is not the only one that got a makeover. While doing one of my usual daily routines – blog hopping, I

change the web challenge

Change the Web Challenge

Something interesting caught my attention from the WP Dashboard yesterday, it’s a post from the WordPress blog entitled the Change the Web Challenge. What is

safari 4
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Safari 4: Browsing Made Beautiful. And Smart.

Yesterday, Apple released the public beta version of Safari 4 for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. According to Apple, Safari 4 is faster

mario kart love song

Mario Kart Love Song

Have you ever played a game of Mario Kart? Its one of my most favorite video games ever and I remember playing it with friends

calvin sapient

WebSapient Rips Off Designer’s Portfolio

I first learned about this when Baddie plurked about it. I continued to read his blog post where I found out how a certain “web

lunascape browser
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Lunascape – World’s Fastest Browser?

Tokyo-based web software company Lunascape Corporation recently released a web browser called the Lunascape 5 Alpha. This Windows-only browser is the English version of their

digital filipino web awards 2008

Digital Filipino Web Awards 2008 Winners

The Digital Filipino Web Awards 2008 was recently held last November 5th at the Mall of Asia, Philippines. Here’s the list of the winners from

mozilla fennec
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Firefox Mobile Browser aka Fennec M9 Screenshots

Rumors about a Firefox Mobile browser started circulating late last year and early this year, Mozilla announced that they were indeed working on a mobile

simon game
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Chromon: Unofficial Google Chrome Game

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing some problems with Firefox so recently I’ve been using Google Chrome more frequently. While in the

Warioland Shake It YouTube

Wario Land: Shake It Shakes YouTube

Wario Land: The Shake Dimension is a game for the Nintendo Wii gaming console. Last week, Nintendo released it here in North America under the

james karl buck
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Student Uses Twitter To Get Out Of Jail

Was checking my mail earlier morning when this headline from CNN caught my attention: “Freed man now uses Twitter to help friend“. Here’s a short summary and some excerpts from the article that I read from CNN.

James Karl Buck
James Karl Buck

James Karl Buck, an American student working on a photography project in Egypt for his master’s thesis was arrested together with his interpreter while taking photographs of local anti-government protests over low wages and rising food prices. He was able to get out of jail with the help of Twitter.

James Karl Buck was released from a Mahalla jail after sending a one-word blog post from his cell phone through the Twitter Web site. The message — “Arrested” — alerted all of his friends on the site of his detention.

When his college found out about the situation, they hired a lawyer who then got him out of prison. Now that he’s a free man, Buck is using his Twitter network (611 followers as of writing) to help free his friend Mohammed Maree.

pinoy lancer
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PinoyLancer: Freelance Hub


PinoyLancer was just launched today! What is PinoyLancer? It is not a brand new car model made in the Philippines but rather a gig and freelance hub for all outsourcing project managers and freelancers. PinoyLancer is a free service made by a Pinoy just for Pinoys. However, it is not exclusive to Filipinos. Anyone who are interested can register and use this service.

PinoyLancer (PL) is your only gig, project, and freelance hub. It was meant to bring all outsourced projects out of private mailing lists, private forums, and other sources into one hub. It doesn’t replace them but rather help in sourcing out candidates in one destination.


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KidZui: Browser For Kids

UPDATE: As of June 13, 2008, Kidzui is now FREE. As a parent I was happy to read about this new browser for kids called

ie7 pro
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IE7 Pro: Ultimate Add-On for Internet Explorer

Even though Firefox is slowly but surely gaining market share and popularity, the majority of Internet users still prefer or use the Internet Explorer. I


Yahoo Joins OpenID Bandwagon

Last week, TechCrunch reported that Google, IBM and Verisign were on the late stages of discussion with people from the OpenID Foundation regarding joining OpenID