microsoft zune
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Free Microsoft Zune? Why Not!

I was planning to post this a couple weeks back but I’ve been too busy with other stuff and I wasn’t able to finish it. Well here goes, hope it’s not too late. Do you

CoolIT Beverage Chiller

Beverage Chiller – Look What I Got!

After I posted my entry Friday afternoon, I didn’t login anymore to my WP Dashboard. Then Saturday night, as I was moderating comments and checking stuff, I saw an incoming link from I know

iphone geotag

iPhone Ringtone

I know a lot of people are uber excited and can’t wait to get their hands on the Apple iPhone. Only a few people have had the privilege of having the iPhone in their hands

iPhone Commercial Parody
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iPhone Commercial Parody

With the popularity of the Apple iPhone, a parody was bound to happen sooner or later. This time, its a parody of the popular Apple iPhone commercial as presented by the Late Night With Conan

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Steve Jobs Announces Apple iPhone

Just a few hours ago, Steve Jobs announced four new products at the MacWorld 2007. It’s no surprise though that the most awaited one of course was the Apple iPhone. Below are some excerpts from

sony dcr dvd 105

Sony DCR-DVD 105

UPDATED: 01/06/07 This is my new toy, the Sony DCR-DVD 105. My wife and I got it as a gift from my in-laws. Most of the reviews that I read for this product were positive

classico sauce
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$1,600 Pasta Sauce

That’s what Jim Rittenberg got last Thanksgiving weekend. He and his wife went to Best Buy to purchase a $1,600 Sony video camcorder but instead found a jar of Classico pasta sauce (which weighed as

sony ps3 kiosk
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Sony PS3 – Coming To a Store Near You

Coming to a store near you. This photo of a Sony PS3 kiosk was taken in a Tokyo retail store. This thing is huge! It certainly makes the X-box 360 kiosk small. Unfortunately, despite of


Old CD’s = Free iPod

Dreamed of owning an iPod? I’m sure most of us did in some point in time. And for those who can’t afford it, it still is a dream. However, with the help of old CD’s

keyboard garden

Keyboard Garden

Look what happens when a person has too much idle time in their hands. This guy decided to turn his keyboard into a garden, a garden of sprouts to be exact. First, he inserted some