htc touch hd2

HTC Touch HD

The AT&T Tilt or HTC TyTN II that I got about four months ago is my first ever Windows Mobile powered phone or pocket pc phone. Its also the first time I owned and tried

at&t tilt

AT&T Tilt aka HTC TyTN II

Got me a new cellphone 2 weeks ago. I wasn’t able to blog about it right away because aside from being preoccupied with personal matters, I was also busy installing programs, games, themes, transferring contact

netgear super g

NetGear Super-G Wireless Router

Last time, I mentioned about choosing Time Warner Cable as my ISP (Internet Service Provider) at home. When I opened an account with them, I opted not to get a wireless router because I’d have

sandisk card reader

Sandisk ImageMate 12-in-1 Card Reader

One of the things I don’t like about my Compaq Presario C714NR is that it doesn’t have any media card slots. I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal or an issue since I already

giant ipod earbuds

Giant iPod Earbuds

UPDATE: The 500XL iPod earbuds will be available soon for $39.99 at Perpetual Kid. Check out this gigantic 500XL iPod earbuds from Fred&friends! It’s 500 times the size of an original iPod earbud. Giant iPod

macbook air
Gadgets Humor

MacBook Air Parody

When something new comes out or becomes popular, a parody is bound to happen. Take for example the Apple iPhone. Just a few days after it was launched, a parody popped out in the Internet.

logitech v450

Logitech V450 Cordless Laser Mouse

When I purchased my Compaq Presario C714NR, I knew I would be needing a new mouse to replace my old and broken A4 Tech mini-sized mouse which I used for my previous laptop. My mind

compaq presario c700

Compaq Presario C714NR

Two months ago, my old laptop a Compaq Presario 2200 started acting up. There were times when it won’t turn on and sometimes it won’t restart. Aside from that, it only had a 40 GB


ChargePod: Multi-Gadget Charger

Here’s something for all you gadget freaks out there. Dubbed as the “Last charger you’ll need to own”, Chargepod lets you simultaenously charge cellphones, PDAs, headsets, digital cameras, iPod or any mp3 player and almost

iphone geotag
Gadgets Technology

Apple iPhone Unlocked!

The guys over at Engadget has a video of how their Apple iPhone was able to use a T-Mobile SIM to connect to the T-Mobile network and make a phone call. This was made possible