Wife to Hubby: “No Blog, No Sex!”

Now who’d have thought that blogging would get you laid? Hehe

After numerous failed efforts to motivate her husband to start blogging on a regular basis, Gail has imposed a “No blog, no sex” rule on her husband Marc. So in order for Marc to get some lovin’, he must make a blog post/entry.

In an effort to encourage me to revive this blog, my wife has imposed this “No blog, No sex” rule. The rule is simple: I am supposed to blog at least once a week in exchange for love-making. The hornier I get, the more blog entries I get to post. I don’t know where the hell she got this idea (but I think it must have been from one of her blogger friends: Abe, Noemi, Javyee, Rico.) I’ve always wanted to become a blogger ever since Gail, my wife, has introduced me to this sport a couple of years ago. I just did not have the time and I guess proper motivation to keep going. Attending the Blog Parteeh (wherein our web design company Sheero Media was one of the sponsors), made me realize how amazing Pinoy bloggers are and that blogging is by itself a worthwhile venture. This is the end of this blog entry, bye for now. Time for me to claim my prize. Arrrghh!! Meeowww!!

Like Gail said, “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. Good luck Marc!

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  1. @Abaniko – Hahaha..I dunno if the number of posts are equivalent to the number of times they do it. :D

    @YEN – Desperate na daw kasi yon wife na magblog yon husband kaya yon! No other choice. Hehe :D

  2. @dimaks – Actually, the reason why wife did this is to motivate her husband to revive his blog and start monetizing it. Sayang daw yon PR5 na blog eh. :D

    @aaron – You're welcome!

    @cruise – Did you accept your friend's offer? Sayang din yon free domain. :D

  3. haha, really funny.

    i remember the time i encourage a friend encouraged me to blog, he said he will give me a domain of my choice for free basta mag blog lang ako :)

  4. the wifey must have a noble purpose for doing this.. or maybe, she knows that her hubby would like it that way much better and get motivated :P …just thinking aloud :)

  5. hahaha… buti na lang hinde blogger ang asawa ko .. at baka ako pa ang sabihan hahahaha :P kidding!!

    uy ang cute cute ng baby moo :P kita ko sa friendster..!

  6. @jhay – That's what Gail said, she was already desperate. All other efforts or methods to motivate didn't work so she had to do this. Hehe :D

    @pauL – Yup, it's for real my friend.

    @baddie – Hahaha..dream on! :D

    @aaron – Sent you an email regarding your question. :)

  7. Well that sucks. I just wish that's how it goes for all women.

    "Hey, miss. My name's Baddie and I've just posted a blog entry on my sexy blog. Can we mate now?"

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