New WPZipper Launched Today

New WPZipper

Last month WPStar launched, a site that lets you generate a fresh WordPress installation with all the WordPress plugins that you want or create a “plugins only” installation zip file. WPZipper makes life more easier for WordPress users. Since the initial launch of the project, there have been a total of 100,000+ downloads.

During the weekend, I received an email from Noah Coffey, the man behind this project informing me about the new version of the site that would be officially launched today, June 8th. Aside from the new site layout and design, here are a few changes:

The biggest change or addition to the site is that it now includes WordPress themes. Previously, users can only generate WordPress and plugins installs but now you can include your favorite themes. WPZipper has around 3,000 themes to choose from and more themes would be added in the coming days.

Another change is the user accounts and “virtual installs”. Users can register and create a free account and then save their custom WordPress configurations as “virtual installs”. The purpose of this feature is to help users save time and effort. These “virtual installs” can be accessed and downloaded anytime so users won’t have to search and build their install from scratch each time.

Future plans for the site include a feature that would alert users whenever WordPress plugins or themes that they use have been updated.

What are you waiting for check out!

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  1. @mr nice ash – about coincidence huh? Must be your lucky day! :D

    @Karlo – You’re welcome! You’re right, just a few more tweaks here and there. :)

  2. pretty good day for me. I was thinking of this thing that zips WP automatically that I once saw here. And decided to logon to your blog and search within your WordPress categories. And I don’t have to search for it at all… :)

  3. @Karlo – Yeah, it is very promising and I’m sure a lot of WordPress users will find this useful and helpful just like you did.

    I’m not sure if WPZipper has all the WordPress plugins but I’m assuming that Noah is doing his best to have all of it there.

    That’s good feedback. I’ll tell Noah about it and maybe he can add that feature later. Thanks! :)

  4. I checked out the site. Gee. It really is helpful. Do they really have every plugin on the net?

    Although I would prefer having a more detailed description along with your searches. Looking at plain descriptions still is hard especially if you are looking for a more specific plugin.


  5. Hmm… Sounds promising. This is my first time hearing about this blog and judging from your review, I really think that this could really help bloggers in many ways.

    I’m off to try it out! Thanks!

    BTW, thank you very much for visiting my blog. ^_^ I really appreciate it.

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