What’s In The Box?

I got something delivered to me by FedEx yesterday. This is what the package looks like:

Fedex Package

Wanna know what’s inside the box? Any guesses? It’s not Pandora’s box neither a jack-in-the-box. Hehe.. I was so busy last Friday and was out the whole day today so I wasn’t able to post this. If you wanna know what’s in the box, come back tomorrow and you’ll find out what it is.

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  1. Hmmm…"Toy for the big boy" huh? Is it a toy with a remote control? Maybe one of those Tamiya thingies, only bigger? Or is it a pair of roller blades or roller skates? haha! I dunno! Tell us already! :P

  2. @K – As I said earlier, I don’t have a prize for this one but I do plan to have a contest here soon so if you want a prize, you’ll have to wait for that. :)

    Although you didn’t get the right answer, you made a good guess coz the next thing I would’ve gotten was an mp3 player. :D

  3. If I’d guess what’s the stuff inside, do I get a prize?

    My guess would be a, a. TRANSFORMER toys, b. mug with “THINK BIG” written on it, c. an mp3 player

    I could see it clearly, it’s a BOX – you should have given us some hints tho’.

  4. @Allen – Adsense checks? No way! Unless I ask Google to convert my monthly check to $1.00 checks. Hehe

    Box is too small for a computer and neither is it filled with pirated DVDs. :P

  5. A box full of adsense checks? :evil:

    hehe. A new computer? … A box full of pirated dvds (goes off to call Edu)

    haha I guess I have to check back tom. ^_^

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