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It’s time once again for blog updates here at JaypeeOnline. Remember when I said that I’d wait for a couple days or weeks before I upgrade to WordPress 2.2? Well, I kinda got impatient and I found some spare time to do it so I went ahead and did the upgrade.

Upgrading to WordPress 2.2 was no sweat. Everything went smoothly and I didn’t encounter any problem whatsoever. The only thing I had to fix were some custom fields or parameters for a couple plugins that I used. Aside from upgrading my WordPress installation, I also installed and re-installed a few plugins.

1. Enforce .www Preference – I installed this plugin because I wanted to make sure that all queries and links to my blog point to only one URL which is https://jaypeeonline.net/. If your site can be accessed with both http://domain.com and www.domain.com formats, most search engines treat them as two different domains therefore affecting your backlinks.

2. WP-Chunk – Once in a while, someone posts a comment and inserts a very long URL that overlaps the comment box and messes up the layout. This can be really annoying and with this plugin, you’ll no longer worry about those long URLs. WP-Chunk cuts off the long URL and displays a shorter version and you can also specify how many characters long for the displayed URL.

3. MyAvatars – I reinstalled this plugin after I noticed that my own gravatar wasn’t showing up. I could see other people’s gravatars except mine. I also activated the Gravatar support for this plugin.

Yesterday, John Chow made a post about the MyAvatars plugin being broken. He turned off the plugin after finding out that instead of avatars, the plugin displayed broken images. But not long after he published his entry, the plugin seem to be working again and the avatars were back. I guess the guys at MyBlogLog read John’s post and went to fix it right away.

4. LightBox 2.02 Plugin – I had this plugin when I installed the Lazy K Gallery plugin for my Photos page. A few weeks ago, I noticed that when I clicked on the images, they’re not displayed using Lightbox (Javascript-powered overlay popups). So I checked the plugin page and found a new version, LightBox 0.6.4 Beta. I replaced the one I had installed and after activating the plugin, I checked on my photos and this time it worked.

There’s one plugin I installed that I didn’t include in this list. I’ll feature it separately as a plugin review so watch out for it.

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  1. @sexy mom – You learn all these things with constant use and practice. You're lucky coz you have your son to help you out and do it for you. Hehe..btw, thanks for dropping by! :)

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