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First update is about my previous post entitled Beware of Copycat Bloggers. As I mentioned in my previous post, I emailed the person involved and was waiting for his reply. I wasn’t able to check my email since Friday afternoon. So come Saturday evening (right now), I opened my inbox and read his reply. He apologized for what happened and I emailed him back, telling him that his apology is gladly & warmly accepted. I’m not the type of person who likes to hold grudges or make enemies.

He has also deleted the posts that I mentioned. For me, deleting the posts wasn’t what I really wanted to happen. He could have kept the posts as long as he edited some lines and quoted me or included a trackback. But this was his way of dealing with it and I respect it. I have now put all of this behind me and I even extended my friendship towards him. I told him that I would even include him in my blogroll if he wanted to. I have to wait again for his reply.

Second update
is about my Internet connection. Right now, I am using dial-up. (1 month free from NetZero). Dial-up comes in handy in situations like these. The reason why I’m using dial-up is because we have moved to a new apartment and had to have our phone line and DSL changed to a new address. (both services are offered by the same company). The phone line is already working but the Internet won’t be activated til after 10 days of notifying them. So that means my DSL won’t be available til next week (fingers crossed).

Also, if you have me in your blogroll please update your links to jaypeeonline.net because I no longer use the .com & .tk domains and also the subdomain in my previous webhost. Thanks and have a nice day!

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  1. @jim – now i know how you felt the first couple of weeks having to use dial-up. hehe

    @trench – thanks for the heads-up. i'll update it when i have the DSL activated.

  2. Time to update to 2.04 Jay! It doesnt touch the database. I upgraded without any problems and Im runnning quite a few plugins.

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