My Blogging Goals for 2010


New year, a new set of goals. I created my blog goals for 2009 to motivate and encourage myself to do my best and improve my blog. I made sure that the goals I set were neither easy nor difficult but rather, something that I could achieve if I would exert extra effort, spend time and focus on it. Last year was a great year for me and my blog and I can say that a huge part of the success can be attributed to those goals. Before I proceed with this year’s goals, I’d like to take this time to share with you the results of last year’s goals.

When I set those goals last year, I wasn’t sure how much of it I’d accomplish, but I’m happy to say that I almost successfully achieved 100% of the goals I set last year.

2009 Blog Goals
1. Reach at least 500 RSS subscribers (currently at 300+).
600 RSS subscribers at the of 2009.
2. Increase the average daily blog traffic (pageviews and unique visitors).
– Traffic in the last quarter was triple the amount of traffic for the first 2 quarters of 2009.
3. Increase the monthly earnings on Adsense and other affiliate networks.
– Daily and monthly Adsense earnings have tripled.
4. Increase the posting frequency to 6 or 7 weekly posts.
– Now averaging 5-6 posts per week.
5. Get the blog’s Google PageRank back to 4 (currently at PR 2).
– PR started at 2 then dropped to 0 and is now back up to 3.
6. Get back within Alexa’s top 100,000.
– Reached the mid 60,000’s and is currently at 73,000+.
7. Have guest bloggers write for JaypeeOnline.
– Had 2 guest bloggers last year.
8. Improve the community around JaypeeOnline.
– More readers and commenters. More interaction among readers and myself.
9. Continue the Weekend Roundup feature.
– Weekend Roundup is now at its 66th edition.
10. Host a group writing project (You can share any good topic that you have in mind).
– I’m adding this to this year’s goals.
11. Release a free WordPress theme.
– Got in touch w/ a designer but something came up and had to put it on hold.
12. Have more blog contests/giveaway.
– Had the Threadless Tshirt Giveaway and $1,500 Thanksgiving Giveaway.
13. Attend a WordPress WordCamp or a Blog World Expo.
– First goal off the list. Attended WordCamp Las Vegas.
14. Attend the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards (more of a wish).
– Wasn’t there but my blog won the Technology Category so it’s all good.

Now, for this year’s blog goals. Some of it is similar to last year’s goals but I’ll be working on improving the current numbers and hopefully be able to improve – double or triple the numbers like last year.

2010 Blog Goals
1. Reach at least 1,000 RSS subscribers. (Currently at 600+)
2. Increase the average daily blog traffic (pageviews and unique visitors).
3. Increase the monthly earnings on Adsense and other affiliate networks.
4. Have additional sources of income aside from Adsense and current affiliate networks.
5. Have more direct advertisers.
6. Invite more guest bloggers on JaypeeOnline.
7. Continue the Weekend Roundup and add 1 new weekly/monthly feature.
8. Host a group writing project.
9. Release a free WordPress theme.
10. Have more blog contests/giveaways.
11. Attend more WordPress WordCamps or other blogger meetups.
12. Attend the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards.
13. Launch my other blog projects.
14. Help (sponsor) more aspiring & promising bloggers as well as blogging events.
15. Improve my “social skills” – more blog hopping/commenting, regular Twitter activity.
16. Do some guest blogging on other, bigger blogs.

There are other minor goals that I’ve listed and some that I’m still thinking about, but basically these are my blog goals for this year. If I come up with something new, I’ll update this post and add it to the list. With effort, focus, and help/support from you guys, I believe that I’ll be able to achieve these goals to be successful like last year.

If you haven’t subscribed to JaypeeOnline’s RSS feed yet, you can help me with the first goal on my list by subscribing via RSS reader or receive RSS updates via email.

How about you guys? Did you set any goals for 2010? If so, what are your blog goals for this year? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Our online buddies have multiple blogs. Care to launch a new one this year? Ahehehe. I’m proud to be a part of your community of readers. If my calculation is right I’ve also turned one year as a reader. Here’s looking forward to see you achieve your goals this year.

  2. Good list. Specific, measureable, attainable – for some of the new blogs goals. I also should have goals – one for blogging and one for my personal life.

  3. Wow! Way to go Bro! This blog rocks…and I think it is also worth note-taking that your blog’s over all look has been transformed tremendously into a more personal and stronger brand.

    Now, I am already thinking of what post to write as a guest post here on your blog, ehehhhe! :D Guest post ako this 2010 ha, eheheh! That if you will permit me Bro :D

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