More Downtime

Experienced more downtime on JaypeeOnline. My blog has been inaccessible for the last 10-12 hours. Since 8 pm of last night, my web host’s hosting server was down. At first I was not worried because I thought it would be back quickly. However after an hour, it wasn’t still working. I left messages to the admin and support forum and informed them about the situation. Unfortunately, no one was available. I checked again after an hour, then another hour still nothing. By 11 pm it was still down so I decided to go back to sleep hoping that it would be working fine in the morning.

This is starting to make me worry because within a week, this is already the second time that my blog was down. The first one was five days ago. This is the problem when you have free webhosting. You basically can’t complain or do anything except hope that the problem doesn’t take that long or that the admin are online so they could fix the problem as soon as possible.

I’d like to apologize to the visitors, regular visitors and friends for any inconvenience this has caused you. I’m seriously thinking of moving this blog to another webhost. It’s not that my current free webhost is bad, for me IGB offers the best free webhosting service there is or I’ve ever had. The guys at IGB do the best they can to help and prevent situations like these. But again, it’s free webhosting and you can’t expect too much or ask much from them. I’ve been wanting to get paid hosting but it’s not just part of the budget right now. I’m hoping that by the middle of this year, I could get that much needed paid hosting.

In case of another downtime and you can’t access this blog, please do inform me so that I can take care of it ASAP. Also, I suggest that you subscribe to JaypeeOnline’s RSS feed so that you can still receive the latest updates even during downtimes. Thanks again for your continued support and have a nice day!

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  1. @Jorge – Thanks a lot! I’m still making up my mind if I’m going with Dreamhost. If I do, I’ll make use of this promo codes. This will surely be a great help. :D

  2. Here's one from a friend of mine: DTL197, I'm not sure if it's still active so check mo muna. Another $97 off promo code is MDDR. More codes at Google din. Note that it's only for the first year.

  3. @gbert – Yup, amo gid to sya! Hehe..galalain ko gani kay kadugay before nakay-o ang server. Okay lang ah, kabalo man ko nga busy ka subong. Thanks for droppin by! :)

    @baddie – Really? I’m also looking around for the most affordable and reliable one. Maybe you can share your prospects with me via email. Thanks! :)

    @ana – Thanks for the info! I’m gonna check out’s hosting plans. Btw, good to see you back! Hehe :)

    @Jorge – I’m half Ilonggo, my dad’s from Iloilo. Where can I find those promo codes? Thanks for the tip! :)

  4. Ohhh, I’d be so PO’ed!
    My web host is VERY good. I’ve never had problems with them and I’ve been with them a few years.

    I’m with

    Good Luck with all that.

  5. @Dre – Thank you! Yeah I know, that’s why I make sure that I have a daily backup of my database and I have copies of all other files in my desktop and laptop (redundant files). :)

  6. Ilonggo ka Jayps?

    Anyway, if you do decide to go the Dreamhost route, look around for those nifty promo codes, as much as $97 off. Too bad they had this new implementation where they block CC users from the Phils.

  7. that’s why gali jayps indi ko gid makita.. abi ko dri ang prob sa internet cafe… mejo talagsa lang ko nga daan subong gainternet kay saku pa… next tym kun may ara na internet sa boarding house namon.. hehehe

  8. Hey, I'm also looking around for a paid hosting service. I have a few prospects right now but I'm going to examine them thoroughly first before I share their names. LOLOLZ

  9. @deuts – Is your blog also hosted in IGB or you use your account for a different blog?

    Bout the posting plans, they did say that current users can keep them but no one can sign-up for a new account.

    @Jim – Sure thing! That’s if I go with DreamHost. Hehe :D

    @Yen – Really? San ka ba nakahost? If that’s the case, why don’t you find a better webhost? You’re paying for it so you should get good service and uptime.

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