January Top Commentators

Top Commentators

UPDATE: 02/04 Created a page for the Top Commentator of the Month.

One of the things that I wanna work on here at JaypeeOnline is to have more discussion not only between me and the person who left the comment but for readers to have discussions or conversations with other commentators. Based on what I’ve observed from other blogs, one effective way is to give readers an incentive or reward them for leaving comments. When I did my last theme reboot, I uninstalled the Top Commentators plugin but installed it immediately when I came up with this “incentive” plan.

Last month I mentioned that I was gonna giveaway some of the WordPress schwag to the top commentator of each month which is part of my “incentive” plan. This will be my way of rewarding loyal readers who leave comments and also to encourage discussion here at JaypeeOnline.

The top commentator for the month of January:

loy – 18 comments

Loy will be receiving $15 via PayPal and some WordPress schwag – pencil, pin, stickers and temporary tattoo. Please send me your PayPal email address and also mailing address so I can send you the stuff ASAP.

Here are the rest of the top commentators for the month of January:

jhay – 12 comments

Gem – 9 comments

jan – 8 comments

Ambo – 8 comments

gamzter – 5 comments

trench – 5 comments

Raju – 5 comments

Jehzeel – 4 comments

jong – 4 comments

Thanks to the rest of the top commentators for participating and joining the discussion here at JaypeeOnline. Don’t fret because this is just the start. For the month of February, aside from the $15 and WordPress schwag, I’ll also be giving away a WordCamp Las Vegas tshirt to the top commentator. So make sure you join the discussion and start leaving your comments.

To make sure that the system won’t be “gamed”, I’ll be monitoring all comments. To be eligible as the “top commentator” and for your comment to be counted, it should be related to the blog post or topic at hand. You can share your opinion regarding the topic, reply to another person’s comment, give feedback or ask a question as long as its related to the topic and it adds to the discussion. Another thing, please keep your comments “clean”. In case you don’t agree with me or with another person, you can say whatever you want as long as you keep it friendly. I won’t tolerate any harsh remarks or foul language and I will delete any inappropriate comments.

I forgot to mention that to encourage further discussion between other readers/commentators, comments should be in English as not all readers here on JaypeeOnline are Filipino. Thanks!

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  1. @gamzter – Hi there! Glad to see you back here and back to blogging. You can still try to catch up for this month’s Top Commentator of the Month. There’s still like 13 days more left. Hehe :D

    Btw, its nice to know one of my blog’s loyal readers. Have a nice day!

  2. @jan: steriods are a bit pricey, cant afford it bro, LOL! well, just want to make up for the lost time.

    @jaypee: i will try to visit those people hanging around the quiapo church for the march contest. LOL

  3. In several hours hence February will wind up and take a vow and move on. Some observations:

    Gem: Among the commentators you’re still the prettiest.

    Fruity Oaty: Looks like we’d miss your victorious laugh this time.

    Elmot: Are you on steroids or something? LOL.

    For March I’d be more laid back and proceed with caution. Unless I have a relapse and make another commenting frenzy. :)

    Congrats to Feb Top Commentator Winner.

  4. @elmot – Maybe you should also consult a fortune teller? Hehe

    Yes, that’s what I’m trying to achieve with the Top Commentator of the Month award – an active community among readers and I hope that it would continue even without the award. :D

  5. @jan – Haha..bold prediction my friend. You better back it up. :D

    Thanks for the kind words. This blog wouldn’t be successful without the participation and support of readers like you. :D

  6. @elmot – Yes, its always good when there’s competition. It brings out the best in us and makes us work harder, right? :D

    Oh I see. I’ve known jhay for quite a while now and I haven’t met him personally even though we lived in the same town when I was still in the Philippines.

    Good to meet one of my regular readers and good to have finally join in the discussions. :D

  7. @jan: hahaha! madam auring i think presently still trying to regain her powers of fortune-telling after some 23-year olds suck out her powers (or her bank accounts), hahaha!

    yep, i agree with you, everything in the spirit of fun. and one good thing, everyone is welcome to interact with everyone out here.

  8. @elmot: indeed, you’d be the next top commentator. congratulations. but that will be for March. hahahaha. Because February is my month. You can even consult Madam Auring to validate my claim.

    Seriously, it’s okay. It’s all in the spirit of fun and sense of community around Jaypee’s blog anyway. Good thing this blog is excellent. Not very hard to just jump right in and interact with you guys. Just imagine if the entries here are boring and sloppy. Ridiculous right?

  9. competition is good, it means that so many people are looking up to your blog and it commands respect from other bloggers esp from newbies like me.

    btw, i found about your blog through jhay’s blogroll, at mukang magkakilala kayo eh, ehehe…he is our student here and his blog is one of the sounding boards of our activities here in school…and been reading your blog since early last year…pero di pa nagcocomment nun… reader lang

  10. @elmot – Hehe..I can see that you’re working hard to be this month’s top commentator. You got some competition though. :D

    Oh I see. Good to see you here and sharing your opinions and comments. Btw, I’m just curious, how did you find out about my blog?

  11. hahaha! ako na sunod dyan..maski link back din lang oks na oks na akko…been visiting your blog bro steadily last year pa pero as in ngayun lang ako nag totally start to engage in commenting

  12. @fruity – Sure thing! You’re more than welcome to join. Just make sure you read the rules. ;)

    Common, you don’t owe me anything but I do appreciate you taking the time to visit and leave comments on my blog inspite of your busy schedule. My blog missed you and is glad to have you back. Hehe

  13. Oooooh… I’ll try to get on your “February’s Top Commentators”! Bwahahaha, I will stand victorious! :P OK, I’m just kidding… Actually, I owe you a lot of comments… since I went on a blogosphere comatose hiatus… and I used to visit here a lot… now I’m just back. WOW, that last sentence (if that’s what it can be called) was a long run-on rambling mess!

    Stopping here now. :P

  14. @Dexter – Glad to hear that. Btw, if you want your comments to be eligible, it has to be in English. I posted a page for the Top Commentator of the Month which includes the rules. :)

  15. Maybe you should promote the contest at the sidebar or something, else new visitors wouldn’t even know there’s such contest running. Congratulations to the top commenter :)

  16. @loy – You’re welcome! Its good to know that it’ll help you with your upcoming Valentine’s date. ;)

    Btw, I haven’t gone to the post office yet but I’ll send the WordPress schwag within this week.

    Like I mentioned in one of my comments, I came up with this idea only after I got the WordPress schwag from Maya.

  17. Hey Jaypee! Thanks for the 15 bucks. It helps a lot for my upcoming Valentines date. Haha! I’m looking forward to the WordPress schwag, because I don’t know if Maya really sent me some schwag.

    It’s a good thing that you didn’t “announce” the contest beforehand, or else somebody else would have beaten me. And to Gem, you can try again next time…hehe… :-)

  18. @jan – Hehe..yeah, you could’ve easily been the top commentator with the rate you were goin at the start of the month. Oh well, all is not lost. There’s still this month’s incentives which includes the WordCamp tshirt. :D

  19. What a bummer. I could have made more comments had it not slipped my mind there’s an incentive after all. Well, well, at least I figured as an also-ran. Hehehe.

  20. Congrats Loy.

    And kudos to jaypee, this is a nice way to encourage your readers/visitors to participate with the discussion. Jaypee has been very generous to his loyal readers :D. sip sip mode :) hehe

  21. @Raju – To be honest, the idea came to me only after I received the WordPress schwag so it wasn’t really “official” until I mentioned it on one of my blog posts.

    Yes, its my way of thanking you guys for supporting my blog. :)

  22. @loy – You weren’t expecting the $15 only the WordPress schwag right? Hehe just kidding. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your insights and opinions via your comments here on JaypeeOnline.

    I don’t think you’ll have to minimize your participation because after this, I’m sure the others will be more active. :D

  23. Just like Jhay, i had no clue that you have a top commentator contest going on :) It is so nice of you to have something like this to your readers. Congrats loy!!

  24. Wow! I didn’t expect this… hehe… Thanks Jaypee! And good luck to your blogging endeavors. BTW, I have yet to receive the WordPress schwag that I requested from Maya. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Maybe I should minimize my participation here to give others a chance. Hehe! Just kidding. :lol:

  25. @jhay – Well I didn’t “officially” announce it but I did mention it in one of my posts. You know me, right? Im just sharing my blessings by helping as much people as I can with what I have. :)

  26. @Lorimer – Well I didn’t come up with it on my own. I got the idea from other blogs. Glad to hear that. Welcome to JaypeeOnline and looking forward to having you join the discussion and share your opinions.

    Btw, I don’t know what happened but your comment got flagged as spam. Good thing I saw it and was able to recover it. :)

  27. That’s nice thinking — encouraging comments and participation / discussions from visitors but with a twist, i.e., by giving them carrot. I will be actively commenting in your posts, if that’s the case. :-)

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