Blog Updates 08.07

blog updates

Posted my last blog update about two months ago. Since then, I’ve done some changes and updates.

Newly Installed Plugins:

  • Full Text Feed – Prevents WordPress 2.1+ from adding a more link to your website’s feed.

    I added this plugin because for the mean time I’ll be using the < more > tag while I work on something to customize the way my posts are displayed.

  • Impress – Impress your readers with statistics on the number of users, posts, comments, pages, categories, words in posts, words in comments, and words in pages you have.

    I installed the Impress plugin to display some of my blog stas on my About page.

  • Leprekhauns Word Count – Adds a word count to your backend without having to submit the data

    This plugin comes very handy especially if you’re into paid reviews and sponsored posts where you need to meet a minimun number of words per post.

  • Permalink Redirect – Permalink Redirect ensures that pages and entries are always accessed via the permalink. Otherwise, a 301 redirect will be issued.

    Installed this to make my permalinks prettier and search engine friendly.

  • WP-Page Navi – Adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress blog.

    Makes it easier for visitors and readers to navigate and access different pages.

Aside from these plugins that I’ve installed I also did some changes to the layout and design.

  • Increased size of the default text and post title.
  • Removed the bottom bar.
  • Added icons for RSS feeds, Sideblog, Categories, Archives and Top Commentators.
  • Created a new custom header

I did the first two changes thanks to K‘s comments and suggestions. I think he’s the only one who has the guts to make suggestions or comments regarding my blog theme and layout. I appreciate it man!

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback regarding the current layout or to the changes I’ve made, please do let me know. I would be happy to hear them. You can leave a comment here or use the Contact page.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the loyal readers, rss subscribers, other supporters, and sponsors. This blog won’t be where it is right now without you guys.

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  1. Feedflare is free now!!! WOW! Im using it now. Duplicated what I had done with Gregarious. Easier that way too! :mrgreen:

  2. @dimaks – Your widget displays your blog’s various rankings and pagerank while Impress shows the total number of words, posts, comments and categories in my blog.

    Thanks! Tweaking and updating a blog is fun, right? :)

  3. similar to Impress, i think its the one done by which is now among my side widgets :) displaying page ranks and outside links. Great updates Jaypee.

  4. @K – Thanks! I really appreciate your comments and feedbacks. I do what I can to provide useful information to you and other readers.

    Thanks for reminding me. I haven’t posted much about my personal life here. I’ll try to do it this weekend and it will be on the Sideblog. :)

  5. Honestly I like looking and observing what other themes people are using – whether it has tastes, yours is simply a “browsable blog of its own. I don’t actually pick how good you write or not (as they say, writing is a beef of blogging), it is how I see whether the author also pay attentions/listens to what commenters has to say, regardless if it’s a negative or not (remember if you look on the side of the coin, it could also mean as good). :razz:

    What I enjoy here is your consistency. It may appear confusing to some, but talking about wordpress and plugins is so much fun specially if you’re just starting.

    You are welcome, Jaypee. Show us some photos sometimes and a little bit of “what’s happening” about you lately. Cheers!

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