Because of Blogging

I got tagged again. This time by Verns. Here, I did your tag just as I promised. But I’ll keep it short and simple. Okay?

5 things that happened because of blogging:

1. I was able to improve my writing skills and my vocabulary (spelling & grammar included).

Blogging on a regular basis has helped me improve my writing and check my spelling and grammar which I believe is also an important aspect of blogging.

2. I’ve made a lot of blogger friends whom I wish to meet in person someday.

I still wish I was able to attend that Blog Parteeh last Jan 27th. Oh well, I hope there would still be an event such as that when I get back to the Philippines.

3. I’ve learned more about PHP and CSS although I’m still not an expert.

Through constant tweaking and experimenting with WordPress themes and plugins, I was able to learn more about PHP and CSS.

4. I was able to save myself from boredom.

Aside from being bored and rather than watching TV or playing online games, blogging would be a better way of spending your free time. Benefits include my answers in #’s 1 & 3.

5. I was able to have an avenue to release stress and to express myself.

I’m the laid back type of person and I don’t get stressed that often but when that time comes, blogging helps me release the tension caused by stress and frees my mind from worry. You should try it too.

I’m supposed to tag people but this time I’d choose not to. You can tag yourself if you want to and just say that I tagged you, okay?

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  1. thanks for being a sport Jaypee :) By the way you got lots of free time pala…if you are in the mood, perhaps you can make a nice theme for me lol :)

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