Back From Short Hiatus

My apologies for the lack of updates and posts in the past week or so. I was very busy because my parents came to visit us from the Philippines. Most of time I was out taking them to visit friends, go sightseeing, shopping, dining out and stuff. When I get home I’m already exhausted that the only thing I can do is check my emails or approve comments. I no longer have the strength and the time write or publish new posts.

Sorry if I wasn’t able to immediately reply to your emails, comments and other inquiries. I’m sure you guys would understand it but I promise that if it happens again, I’ll make it a point to reply to emails and comments ASAP even if I can’t do updates or posts.

My parents are now in California and will be flying back to the Philippines on Friday. Everything is now back to normal, so expect updates and new posts. I’m also preparing something “nice” for you guys next week so stay tuned and keep coming back for updates.

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