Back From a 2 Month Hiatus

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I’m back! This is not an illusion, nor are you dreaming. I’m back to blogging after being away on hiatus for more than two months. I know most of you guys have been wondering what happened to me and why I haven’t updated this blog in a long time.

What happened? The first few weeks, I was pretty busy and preoccupied with personal stuff. Then, a few weeks after that me and my family went on vacation to visit my in-laws in the East coast and even though I had Internet access there, I wasn’t able to do any updates because I was out most of the time – seeing places, shopping and of course eating out. I was already planning to get right back to blogging as soon as we got back home from our vacation and even had this draft ready. However, I made a mistake of procrastinating and putting blogging aside. Each second, minute, hour and day passed, I found myself slowly losing interest and found myself behind in the latest stuff and news related to my blogging topics, neck deep in emails and comments that needed replying and other stuff. You can say that I lost my blogging groove and had a hard time getting it back. At that point, I was even considering of giving up on the blog.

But thanks to friends like Jan, Elmot, Gem, Aldrin, Deuts and other blogging friends who encouraged me and kept bugging me via email, Twitter or Facebook asking me to get back to blogging, I was inspired to get back, finish this post and start blogging again. I really appreciate what you guys have done and the words of encouragement that you’ve given me. I was especially inspired by Elmot’s post and the comments left by his friends/readers. I also decided to get back to blogging and save myself the embarrassment before Jan started the petition that he threatened me with. Just kidding Jan, but you certainly know how to push the right buttons. Hehe

So now that I’m back, there are lots of stuff to do. As I mentioned earlier, I have lots of catching up to do and a lengthy to-do list like – upgrading my theme, plugins, replying to emails and comments, etc etc. It’s always been my habit/practice to reply to each comment so if you’re left a comment here before I went on “vacation”, expect to receive a reply from me even if its a bit late. Also, to those who’ve sent me messages via the contact form with your questions, I’ll also make sure that I answer each one of them.

Aside from the upgrades and stuff that I’ll be working on, I’ll also be working on implementing the blog mascot for JaypeeOnline. I think a couple of you guys have seen it already. Anyways, I’ve had someone create a blog mascot for me like 3 months ago, before I went into this recent hiatus and it’s been lying around here just waiting for me to use it. So look for it to be up in a few days.

I guess that’s it for now. Just wanted you guys to know that I’m back and thanks for your patience, understanding and continued support. Have a nice day and God bless everyone!

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  1. @Michael – Sorry bout that. I got into a blogging slump, if you can call it that, but I’m back now and as you can see, I’ve posted several updates since I announced my return. :D

    Btw, thanks for your patience and continued support.

  2. JP Habaradassays:

    @Michael – Thank you! I’ll have more updates and new posts in the coming days so watch out for it. :)

  3. JP Habaradassays:

    @Deuts – Yes, I’m back. I do have a lot of pending drafts and topics to blog about but I’m not gonna rush. I’m gonna take my time until I get my “groove” back on.

    Btw, nice job with the theme reboot. Your blog looks much better with this new theme. The previous theme was a bit too dark and gloomy. Hehe :)

  4. JP Habaradassays:

    @newbiesblogger – Thanks! Yes, that’s true. Blogging really needs a lot of your time and a passion to do it. Same for me, if I stop for a while I lose my blogging groove and its hard to get that back. So the best thing to do is don’t stop and try to post an update even once a week just so you don’t lose that “groove”. :)

  5. Welcome back.. blogging need passion and a lot of time, it’s good you just don’t drop your blog because if me when I’m stop writing about a week it’s hard for me to start writing and it’s need time.. huhu

  6. JP Habaradassays:

    @joie – Thanks bai! Glad to know that you’re one of those who looks forward to my posts. Don’t worry, I’m starting to get my groove back so expect updates and new posts in the coming days. :D

  7. JP Habaradassays:

    @elmot – Yes, I’m back bro and like I said it feels really good to be back plus its feels much better when you have good friends who welcome you back like what you guys did. :D

    You’ll see the blog mascot soon. ;)

  8. yahooooooooooooooooo! You are back bro! Everyone missed you. But all is well coz you here on the front seat of your blog. Wow, our emails and pleadings worked out. And Jan’s online petition was also very effective.

    It only means Bro that everyone misses you…

    I’m glad you were touched by my post and especially by the admiration of so many people to you.

    Yahooo! Ayos na, dito sa si Jaypee!

    By the way, haven’t seen a glimpse yet of the mascot.

  9. JP Habaradassays:

    @Loy – Thank you! Its also good to see you back to blogging. Like your new blog theme, especially the custom header and icons. Great job! :D

  10. JP Habaradassays:

    @Jan – Yes, its me. Like I said in the post, this is not an illusion or a dream. I am really back and you played a big part to make this happen. If you weren’t persistent enough and didn’t bug me as much as you did or threatened me with that petition, it would’ve taken me longer to get back. Hehe

    You’re a good friend and I thank you for not giving up on me and giving me the encouragement to go back to blogging. :)

  11. JP Habaradassays:

    @Raju – Thanks man! I’m doing my best to get my blogging groove back on, hopefully I get it back soon. I’m also working on implementing the blog mascot into the blog theme/design.Its quite a challenge coz I’m not an expert designer and there are some limits/constraints regarding the theme design. Hope I can get it up by next week. :D

  12. Jaypee, istatyu?

    Ahahaha. I’m pleased you’re back to blogging. Gem will be relieved too as I had always bugged her what’s up with you so many times.

    That petition I mentioned in my post? I’m glad that helped a bit in your decision. That petition, mind you, is just the opening salvo, dear friend. Another week and I will have been talking about tying a yellow ribbon thingy going on. Okay, hardly original, but whatever works, right?

    It depends actually on how well caffeinated I am at a certain hour. There are days I feel morose – and it’s those times that I’m itching to run an open-ended discussion on my blog, “What to do when you fail to get it up with your blog?”

    I told you I’m Anakin, didn’t I? Ahehehe

    But there are days when I feel great. Today I feel great. You’re back. And somehow that’s reassuring. Feels like the universe has self-corrected its course.

    Welcome back, my friend.

  13. JP Habaradassays:

    @Gem – You guys who are my friends in Facebook shouldn’t miss me coz I was active there during my blog hiatus. Hehe

    Yeah, as soon as I read Jan’s threat of doing a petition, I immediately got to work and finished this post and then published it. :D

  14. Woohoo! Finally welcome back! We all missed you! I really enjoyed looking at your pictures of your vacation but there's nothing like seeing you write a new post again.

    Yeah, I saw that threat in Jan's blogging and I was laughing. Hahaha. So you blogged! LOLOLOLOLOL

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