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Top Commentator of the Month

Time once again to recognize and appreciate the efforts of the top commentators, this time for the month of April. I haven’t forgotten about the Top Commentator of the Month award, its just that I was quite busy during the weekend and had some stuff that I needed to attend to. The top commentator for the month of April is not a stranger to this blog or to other regular readers of this blog because he was the top commentator for February and he’s also one of the guest bloggers here on JaypeeOnline. Some of you might already have an idea who I’m talking about.

The top commentator for the month of April:
jan – 27 comments

Before publishing this post, I informed jan that he was the top commentator for April and since he already won this a couple months back, he wanted to share the prize with the next person who had the most comments which is jhay. So jan will be receiving $15 via PayPal and jhay will get the WordPress schwag (pencil, pin, stickers, temporary tattoo) and a WordCamp Las Vegas t-shirt.

Here are the rest of the top commentators for the month of April:

jhay – 20 comments

trench – 11 comments

Gem – 10 comments

elmot – 10 comments

loy – 6 comments

sylv3rblade – 6 comments

joie – 5 comments

K – 5 comments

Raju – 4 comments

Thanks to the rest of the top commentators for participating and joining the discussion here at JaypeeOnline. I’d also like to thank the rest of the readers and other commentators not included in the list for taking the time to drop by, participate and share their thoughts and ideas here on JaypeeOnline. I appreciate and value all your ideas, questions and comments that you share.

Regarding this contest/award, I regret to inform you guys that I won’t have it for the month of May. I’ll make it up to you guys with a birthday bash slash contest that I’m planning to hold on July which hopefully will have better prizes than the Christmas Giveaway. If you’d like to sponsore a prize, feel free to contact me.

Thank you everyone for your time and have a nice day!

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  1. @jaypee: and we will be so proud to wear it here. ehehh! at least, we could have a feel of what it is to attend the wordcamp…which is the goal of jan and i.

    see you at wordcamp, right jan? ehehe

  2. @loy: Thanks, loy…I would have made arrangement to gift you with a WP shirt if I had only seen you leave a comment on my guest post here, loy.
    But such is my fate. Will just have to suck it in, I guess.

    Drama. lol. Well, I know for a fact, we each lead busy lives – messing and tinkering with our blogs. So it’s all right. “,)

  3. @loy – Really? I mentioned it in the previous Top Commentator of the Month posts that it would be continued the following month. Btw, I’ve temporarily stopped this contest now as preparation for a bigger contest in July. :)

  4. I didn’t know that this contest is still ongoing. :lol:

    Congrats to jan and jhay for the job well done. I would have worked harder in commenting if I knew that jan is giving a portion of the prize to the runner-up..hehe…

  5. jan_geronimosays:

    @Roy, do you think I'm enamored of things technical? Naah. Ikaw pa, you'd find ways to work around things that stump you. You're a creative guy, Roy. Let it loose. ",)

    @Elms: Daya, kung malapit lang kayo, I'd go there and hang out with you guys. ",)

    @Gem: Thanks, Gem. What will we do without the rose in our midst? ",) You just have to be in the Top Ten. It's a given. lol

  6. @Gem – Yes you are. If you weren’t busy with work, I’m sure you’d give these guys a run for their money.

    Btw, have you noticed that you’re the only female in the group? Hehe

  7. I'm still on the list. Haha! Eventhough I did not win the prize, I'm still happy that my face still appears on the top commentator list.

    Congrats @Jhay! Nice one @Jan :-)

  8. wow!

    i got 10! congrats jan…your generosity paid you well in return big bro. and now, jhay and i are going to flaunt our wp shirts here in school eheheh!

    @ceblogger: yeah, i could still really feel that month when big bro and i slugged it out up to the last minute ehehe!

    congrats everyone. congrats to jayps!

  9. jan_geronimosays:

    @ceblogger: 27 is nothing compared to February when Elmot and I slugged it out for the top spot. I scored in the 40’s and Elmot just a shade behind. “,)

  10. @Michael – I have photos of the WordPress schwag but I dont have photos for the WordCamp tshirt. I guess I’m gonna take a photo of it maybe me wearing it and post it one of these days. You can also wait til the winners receive the tshirt coz I know they’re gonna blog about it. :D

  11. @Roy – Yeah he is. I think thats because he’s been winning a lot of stuff recently and he wants to share his blessings with others.

    You know even if the topic is too technical, you still can join the discussion. If you don’t understand the topic, you can ask something about it, right?

    Anyways, thanks for stopping by! :)

  12. That so generous of you Jan.

    If only topic here aren't too technical for me, I could have given you guys a run for your money, lol

    I always love to see those line-ups Star Wars characters… I almost wanted to grab one, hehe…

    Congratulations to Jhay!

  13. jan_geronimosays:

    Anytime, Jhay. It's about time I shared this with you as the next contest will still be in July. ",)

  14. Congrats to all those top commentator. I hope they still continue to patronize this site as it gives fresh raw information with concrete facts.! Kudos Jaypee!!

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