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Case of the Copycat Blogger

We all know that plagiarism is illegal. And we know that in the Internet age, this is very rampant and easy to do because almost all sites with different topics are accessible via search engines

2006 bloggies

6th Annual Weblog Awards

The Weblog Awards or also known as the “Bloggies” started in 2001. The awards are annually given out to weblogs that fit into the different categories like Best Asian Blog, Best Podcast of a Weblog,


Firefox 2.0 Features

Taken from the official Mozilla website. These are the features that you will see in the beta version of Firefox 2.0 Alpha. It is schedule to be released in the first quarter of this year.

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WordPress Plugins

Search Everything WordPress Plugin

UPDATED: 06/27/12 The built-in search capability of blogs using WordPress only searches posts and but not pages and comments. Isn’t that weird? I think this is a major issue that they should fix or look

Tips & Tricks Software

HowTo: Fast Boot Windows

This tip is for people running Windows XP on their machines with multiple user accounts or for people just like me who have only one account but uses passwords to login into their machine. This

blog problems

Blog Problems – Solved!

I don’t know exactly what’s causing my blog to behave weirdly. Earlier today, I published an entry about the Biggest PC Myths and after I published it, my theme went nuts. The lines below the

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WordPress 2.0 Duke

Yes, after several weeks I have now upgraded my WordPress to version 2.0 codenamed “Duke”. One of the main reasons that made me upgrade is that in the past few days I’ve had spam comments


AllPeers – Firefox “Killer App”

This is the best thing that happened to Firefox, aside from Firefox itself. That’s what AllPeers is saying about their new Firefox extension. I believe that this extension will definitely attract more people to use


10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

The 10/20/30 Rule of Powerpoint is a simple rule on how to create effective slideshows using the right amount of slides, the right length, and the right font size. This is something that I’m sure


Free Online Storage & Sending Sites

Here’s a list made by Creative Guy of about 50 free online storagesites that offer online storage and/or sending without the hassles of email registration. Each site has its own file size limits, download limits