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Computer Code

5 Coding Applications That Teach Children How To Code

Knowing how to code is somewhat already synonymous with learning how to read in this digital age. When you educate your kids to add and subtract, read and write, you are teaching them several ways

Job Search
Product/Site Reviews

Digital Attraction: Using Your Website to Make Your Job Search Easier

Searching for a job in today’s competitive job market is different than it ever has been. Your resume and whatever application process you go through is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are

Brain Computer

5 Ways Brains Are Different from Computers

The brain is understandably the most sophisticated biological structure known to science. So complex is the human brain that it often described as an abstract concept that cannot be fully understood. According to Live Science,

Tips & Tricks

8 Photography Trends to Watch In 2018

Photography has kept on advancing over the years with exciting changes. D. Scott Carruthers, an expert in photography, has been researching on the photography patterns expected in 2018. Changes in photography will ensure growth in

Joomla or Drupal
Product/Site Reviews

Is Joomla Better for Real Websites than Drupal

There has long been a debate about whether Joomla or Drupal is better for real websites, and you will definitely want to know the answer before making your decision. Both of these content management systems

Multiple Domain
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The Multiple Domain Trap

You want to reach a wider audience. More users. More potential customers for your product or service. You also might have multiple locations for your business, or even franchise locations. Suddenly, you feel like you

Depth of Field
Tips & Tricks

5 Essential Smartphone Photography Tips

Are some of the photos that you take with your smartphone less than perfect? If they are, you should know that learning some smartphone photography tips which will help you to capture better pictures with

Printer Ink
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How to Pick the Perfect Printer for Your Business

Printers are one of the most commonly used, yet undervalued pieces of technology in any office as they serve multiple purposes for both business owners and their employees. When to it comes to choosing office

Technology Education

How Technology Influences Education: Learning by Doing

 The teaching paradigm has changed a great deal in the past few decades. In the past, teachers simply relied on passive learning where students read and memorized information they were later tested on. Such

Transfer Domain Name
Product/Site Reviews

Things To Consider Before You Transfer Domain Name

It’s Easier Than Ever to Transfer Your Domain Name Are you ready to transfer your domain name from one location to another? You may have any number of reasons for feeling the need to move