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Internet of Things
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How Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt the Medical Industry

The blockchain market is anticipated to be worth around $60.7 billion by 2024 as predicted by the Globe Newswire website. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the technology will cause unpredictable disruption in various sectors

Orange Quadcopter

4 Best Indoor Quadcopters to Chill With this Summer

Drones are just about everywhere – in the hands of researchers, under the surveillance of authorities’ intervention teams and already in the homes of many tech enthusiasts. There are many ways to use a drone.

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How & Why Prototypes Are Mandatory for Good Design

There’s a palpable excitement that accompanies the birth of a new idea. If you are a business owner or manager, you’ll be looking forward to the possibility of the idea capturing the market’s attention and

Link Worthy Content
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7 Tips for Creating Link-Worthy Content

Creating compelling and engaging content is probably the most important part of your link building strategy. Without the content, your efforts with getting your links out there are wasted, as is the opportunity for better

E-commerce Store
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5 Effective Ways to Promote Your E-commerce Store on Instagram

E-commerce businesses have been utilizing the help of social media sites for a lot of reasons. About the best use, they have for social media is that such platforms are great for promoting their business.

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How To Pass Microsoft MCSA 70-740 Windows Server 2016 Exam

If you’re an IT professional with a background in Microsoft Windows Server 2016, then passing 70-740 exam is one of your dream validations. Really, this exam is considered as the stepping stone to get the

Cyber Security
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How to Protect Your Customer Privacy in the Cloud

Forty-six percent of businesses reported at least one data breach, according to a survey of 1,523 UK businesses by the Institute for Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth. This staggering number reveals that our businesses aren’t

Yoda Email Creator
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How To Design An Email CTA That Converts

Basically, the appearance of World Wide Web brought us multiple opportunities. Historically, the first connection was described in 1962 but you can see how fast the progress is. As a result, in 2018, all modern

Social Media Icons
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How Generation Z Is Changing the Smartphone Industry

Generation Z currently represents the majority of the population. As such, this demographic represents an incredibly valuable market for all businesses but to the smartphone industry in particular. The smartphone has taken the throne as

Smart Home
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How to Choose Smart Home Technology Products

If you have been considering using smart home technology products in your own home, then you may be wondering how you can choose which of those products you need. Naturally, you are going to be