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A House for 1 Red Paperclip

The red paperclip that started it all. Kyle Macdonald had a very ambitious dream of trading this red paperclip for something bigger or better and keep trading until he gets a house of his own.

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Kool IM

Kool IM is the latest thing in web chat services. What is it you say? Kool IM is an Ajax instant messaging client that works with major instant messaging services that allows logging onto AOL,


Old CD’s = Free iPod

Dreamed of owning an iPod? I’m sure most of us did in some point in time. And for those who can’t afford it, it still is a dream. However, with the help of old CD’s

hello world

Hello World!

Hello World! I’m back “again”. Hehe. I already said this many times before and I don’t know how many more times I would say it. These past few days, I’ve been busy rebuilding my blog

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Myspace Girl is a Cop

Almost everybody on the web knows about Myspace. It’s a cool site to meet friends, old and new. However, sites like these are also a haven for online sex predators. October last year, Taylor Behl’s


Why Dvorak is Wrong about Apple

Just recently I posted an entry about John C. Dvorak’s prediction that Apple will drop OS X and go for Windows. Many people think this is impossible, while there are others who think it could

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Myspace Profile Facelift

Thanks to Derek who shared his Div Overlay code, my profile had it’s long overdue facelift. When I first opened my account over at Myspace, I was quite addicted to making my profile cool and

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Shortstat on WordPress 2.0.1

I just recently found out that an upgrade to WordPress 2.0.1 messes up the WP-ShortStat plugin. At first, I was wondering why my stats weren’t changing after 1 day, I still had the same stats.

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Blog Updates

First update: After several days of pondering, waiting and finding time to do the upgrade, I’ve finally done it. I’ve upgraded WordPress to version 2.0.1 which was released 17 days ago. This current version has


Will Apple Adopt Windows?

Read this one from It talks about John C. Dvorak’s prediction that Apple will drop OS X and concentrate on becoming a hardware vendor and ship products running on Windows systems. Quite unbelievable, but