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Blog Updates 12.06

The most recent update that I made to this blog is changing my antispam plugin. I used to have Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam Image plugin. Yesterday, I shifted to the Matriphe Keycode plugin which I found

james kim
News Technology

James Kim, still missing

CNET senior editor James Kim is still missing. He and his family were last seen on November 25th. They were on vacation and drove up to the great Pacific Northwest. They were driving a 2005

classico sauce
Gadgets News

$1,600 Pasta Sauce

That’s what Jim Rittenberg got last Thanksgiving weekend. He and his wife went to Best Buy to purchase a $1,600 Sony video camcorder but instead found a jar of Classico pasta sauce (which weighed as

Light A Million Candles

Light a Million Candles

Wanna help in the fight against child pornography? Light a candle. I found out about this from Connie’s latest post. I’ve lit a candle in support of this very worthy cause and I’m blogging about

WordPress WordPress Plugins

Spam Problems? Challenge ’em!

I use Akismet to fight blog spam. These past few days I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments. Yesterday morning alone, I found 61 spam comments caught by Akismet overnight. So far, of the


ErrorZilla Plus – Firefox Error Page Alternative

UPDATE: ErrorZilla is no longer available and has been replaced by an alternative addon called ErrorZilla Plus. Here’s something new for all you Mozilla Firefox users out there. It’s a Firefox extension called ErrorZilla. What

sony ps3 kiosk
Gadgets Technology

Sony PS3 – Coming To a Store Near You

Coming to a store near you. This photo of a Sony PS3 kiosk was taken in a Tokyo retail store. This thing is huge! It certainly makes the X-box 360 kiosk small. Unfortunately, despite of

error lu9001

Norton Antivirus – Error LU9001

Nowadays, it is essential that you have a reliable antivirus and antispam software installed in your pc. For my laptop, I have the free versions of AVG and ZoneAlarm. But for my desktop, I have

speakeasy speedtest
Internet Technology


Here’s a new bandwidth test site that comes from the same company that created SpeakEasy. Speedtest allows the user to select a server (nearest to your location) to ping from, in several locations in North

blog updates


First update is about my previous post entitled Beware of Copycat Bloggers. As I mentioned in my previous post, I emailed the person involved and was waiting for his reply. I wasn’t able to check