VPN Leakproof

Is Your VPN Truly Leakproof?

If you’ve been fishing around for a VPN, you may have seen providers promising something along the lines of “leakproofing”. But what does that even…

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How To Get Started With A VPN

It is hard to imagine a time before the internet. Today, so much of our everyday lives is digital and connected. From office work to…

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HowTo: Prepare for Cisco CCNP Routing & Switching Certification Exams Using ExamSnap

Cisco is a leading vendor that offers some of the best certifications to professionals who intend to build their career in networking. Cisco offers five…

Kodi Interface
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4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Kodi

Whether you’ve used Kodi or not, you must have at least heard about it. After all, when you give mainstream media companies a run for…

Private Data
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Private Data and Public Connections

After the initial setup, connecting to the internet at home or work is incredibly simple. Often your devices will connect automatically, giving you speed and…

Online Tracking

How To Avoid Getting Tracked Online

Even as the quality of online security comes under more scrutiny each passing day, a large chunk of the online population still doesn’t know how…

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4 Must Have Kodi Addons

When it comes to Kodi, addons are , as they can make or break the system’s functionality and efficiency. However, these addons will let you…

Protect Facebook Privacy
Social Media

How to Protect Your Privacy On Facebook

There’s nothing fun about discovering that your private information was stolen from you online, and things only get worse when you learn that this data…

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What’s The Best Home WiFi Router?

A topnotch WiFi router is very important if you need a strong home network. The perfect WiFi has access to almost every range and has…

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How to Protect Your PC from Malware 2017

Malware is arguably less of an issue for PCs than it was a decade ago due to security improvements in browsers and operating systems, but…

weekend roundup
Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup #205

Hello friends and welcome to the 205th edition of the Weekend Roundup! I made sure again that I prepared this roundup early so that I…

weekend roundup
Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup #197

Hi everyone and welcome to the 197th edition of the Weekend Roundup! Hope you all had a great weekend and for some of you, hope…

palm pre
Gadgets Mobile Software

Palm Pre 2 w/ webOS 2.0 Coming Soon

Earlier today, Hewlett-Packard announced the upcoming release of webOS 2.0 and the Palm Pre 2. This announcement doesn’t come much of a surprise though due…

netgear super g

NetGear Super-G Wireless Router

Last time, I mentioned about choosing Time Warner Cable as my ISP (Internet Service Provider) at home. When I opened an account with them, I…